Who’s Coming to Swancon XXX?

Guest of Honour

Our Guest of Honour is Charles de Lint, author of 52 books with more on the way, (novels, collections, novellas) described by him as “mythic fiction”. Charles is also a keen player of Celtic and Americana music, playing guitar, flute, whistles and fiddle as well as vocals.

Special Guests

MaryAnn Harris, wife of Charles de Lint, artist and musical performer on mandolin, guitar and bodhran as well as vocals.

Grant Watson, writer, film critic, cartoonist, director, actor. Award-winning creator of The Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World and co-creator of Raw Cordial.

Fan Guest:

Anna Hepworth, has helped organise two Swancons and three Borderlands conventions, and generally entertained and delighted Perth fandom for over a decade.

Fictional Guest:

Simono, the Most Beautiful Fan in th World, hero of Love in the Age of Scurvy, star of Raw Cordial, and famed fannish fashion consultant.