Dinner with Charles de Lint

Tuesday 22nd March 7pm

Dinner with the fantastic Charles de Lint, author of over 50 books, and creator of the genre "Urban Mythology" is coming to Perth for Swancon 30! To kick off our Thirtieth Birthday, Tuesday the 22nd of March we are heading off to the lovely Sado Island Restaurant in Claremont.

Where is it? Sado Island is on Stirling Highway, in Claremont, Perth, Australia, about two shops up from the Hungry Jacks. Entrance is off Bayview Terrace, or behind the building is a car park, which can be accessed from Hungry Jack's. Sado Island is also on the Circle Route, and hence had a lot of buses passing to and from Perth.

What do I get? We have TWO menus this year which you will need to choose from! There is a $40 menu and a $50 menu, which you will need to choose when you contact me. Drinks menu will be posted later. This is a CASH BAR ONLY. This means you pay me for your food, but you purchase your drinks as you want them on the night.

Set Menu A $40

Sushi Roll California or Tuna Roll

Tempura Deep Fried Seafood and Vegetable in light batter.

Teriyaki chicken, fish or grilled fish Pan fried Chicken Tender or Pan fried Fish in teriyaki sauce or grilled fish. (Grilled fish from Mackerel or Pacific Saury or Salmon)

Rice and Miso Soup Bowl of Rice and Miso Soup

Dessert (Icecream) Choice if Green tea, Sesame and Vanilla with Red Bean

Set Menu B $50

Yakitori Chicken Skewers with Teriyaki Sauce

Sashimi Thinly sliced fresh raw Fish

Salad Green Salad

Tempura Deep fried Seafood and Vegetable in Light batter

Nimono Agedashi Tofu

Seafood Teppan Seafoods and Vegetable on Iron Plate

Rice and Miso Bowl of rice and Miso Soup

Dessert (Ice-cream) Choice of Green Tea, Sesame and Vanilla with Red Bean


Payment Options:

1) Pay a committee member. Accepted until the 22nd of March.
2) Direct deposit into Callisto's account. See LJ details for details of this or email callisto (at) gmail.com Accepted until the 19th of March.
3) Post a cheque made out to Swancon 30 to PO Box 4 Kelmscott 6991. Payments of this sort will not be accepted after the 15th of March.